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Esthetician Leanne Kell has been practicing in skin care for over 13 years including work in major spas and private studios.  She is passionate about skin care and is constantly pursuing education concerning new advancements and breakthroughs in the industry.  While working in other spas she recognized the disconnect between good skin care and affordability.  Her dream has been to close that gap by opening her own skin care facility that everyone feels welcome in.  The goal of Radiant Skin is for people to receive treatments in a calm refreshing environment without sacrificing quality.  Leanne strives to ensure every service is moving you toward your skin care goal.  Time is taken in every appointment to address and discuss your desired results, concerns and how she can help achieve those results.  Whether you are looking to de-stress, work on hyperpigmentation, acne, aging skin or looking to spruce up with spray tanning and waxing, this is the place for you.

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